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Rosin Presses comin for ya...

first large batch Rosin presses rosin tech

Since @soilgrown helped Rosin Tech remerge onto the scene earlier this year, its been an exciting few months seeing this market evolve and we are only just scratching the surface. Rosin is here to stay and we're working on a lot of innovative ways to help facilitate the entire process. 

With our first large batch of press on their way we wanted to take a second the thank all of our customers. We're always working to improve our products and our customer service so don't hesitate to drop us an email with any feedback you have.  

Be Good,



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How to Rosin - Video Collection

First time making Rosin? We decided to compile all our favorite Rosin videos to help guide you through the process. 




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Launch Day

We are excited to be launching to the world - its been fun building the company up to this point and we're glad to finally share it with the Rosin community. Our goal is to be your #1 source for all things related to Rosin. Its important that you have a good experience with us - from browsing our website to receiving your order - we want you to be satisfied. 

A little bit about us - we are a group of guys who are extremely passionate about Rosin and Rosin Tech related products. Our site features our own custom items in...

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