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Rosin Tech Pro™, Rosin Press by Rosin Tech Products available at

Rosin Tech Pro™


Rosin Tech Pro™

13.6 Metric Tons of Pressure. 

Rosin Tech Products latest solventless extraction rosin press, Rosin Tech Pro™. Featuring digital temperature and timer controllers, 13.6 Metric Tons of pressure right at your finger tips, an interface that is easy to use and built in safety features, become a rosin pressing pro.

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Easy to Use

Set your desired pressure, temperature, length of press and use the two buttons to press your rosin.

Adjust the PSI to machine as well as the speed of the air pressure, both features which put the operator in complete control. These features will prevent any possibility of blow outs. There are safety mechanisms built into the press, including dual two-hand control operation. Additionally, should you need to cancel your press simply press the red stop button to disengage. 


Designed for use with our rosin filter bags.

The Rosin Tech Pro is a great choice for labs looking to produce consistent, large batch quality rosin. From the moment you plug in the heat press, flick it on, you're up and running. The press can be utilized by anyone, the press is designed to work with ease, including critical safety features.


Hardware and software designed together.

When Rosin Tech Products begins developing a new press, we always have a goal to have everything just work. And work incredibly well. This press unleashes 13.6 Metric TONS of pressure within a brand new machine frame. The triangle takes advantage of large 8 cm x 24 cm plates with full speed and pressure control during the process. 


Preferred Bag Sizes: 2'' x 3.5'' Bags | 1.75'' x 5'' Bags 

Recommended Accessories: Large Pre-Press Mold | RTP Parchment Paper

Rosin Tech Pro™ Rosin Press Features

  • Pressure: 13.6 Metric Ton Pneumatic Cylinder (requires an air compressor to operate);

  • 8 cm x 24 cm Solid Aluminum Dual Heat Platens;

  • Even heat distribution with micro processor precision temperature gauge;

  • Temperature Range: 0° - 400º F (200° C);

  • Digital Automatic Timer for keeping consistent press lengths;


  • Electrical: 220 Volts | 800 Watts | 8 Amps
  • Shipping Dimensions: 86 cm by 45 cm by 40 cm; Weight: 90 kg
  • RTP Operating Manual Included

*Ships next day except on holidays and weekends. 

Rosin Press Return & Warranty Policy: No returns on any sales are permitted, all presses now come with a one year warranty, which begins upon product delivery. During that time we will supply parts free of charge, for anything that breaks. 

Defective products must be returned and received by our warehouse within 30 days of original delivery. Customers will be responsible for shipping defective products after the 30-day period. We pay shipping on replacement products to customers.


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