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Rosin Tech Products FAQ

I need a press. Which one is right for me? 

Each series is design with a specific end user in mind. It depends on how often you will be using your press and your budget. If you plan to make rosin on an every day basis for extended periods of time, we recommend either a pneumatic or hydraulic operated press over a manual one to save both time and energy. That said, the manual presses are a great option for those using their press in a home/personal setting.

 What can you tell me about the Gold Series?

Our most popular series, all heat presses in the Gold Series come with dual heating plates. If you're ready to invest a proper press that can consistently delivers strong yields than the Gold Series for you. The Twist™ is our patent pending press designed for maximum pressure. You can achieve over 5,000 LBs of pressure with this press. The other manual models come with two plate sizes - 5x5 and 15x5 - we recommend the larger plates only for sift and keif, as higher pressure is required for flowers. Our RTP Pneumatic Plus 2.0 is for those looking for an automatic option. 

What is special about the Professional Series?

Our Professional Series is designed and modified to deliver the most pressure possible while allowing you to process large amounts of material at a time. All presses in this series come with dual heating plates with Pneumatic or Hydraulic Pressure. For commercial production, the professional series is the clear choice. 

Do the presses come with a warranty? 

All Rosin Tech Products Heat Presses are come with a 1 year warranty, which begins upon product delivery. During that time we will supply parts, free of charge, for anything that breaks. If the press is damaged beyond repair and requires a return, we will cover the cost of shipping and send out a new machine. All sales are final, no returns are permitted on any orders. 

What are the electrical requirements of each press?

Please refer to the specific product page, below each description are the electrical requirements on each press.